Comparing women XX and XXI century

Monro is beuty women
The situation of working women in the circle of male colleagues, in particular – bosses, over the past decade has changed. Today distributed type of so-called biznesvumen. Typically, this is sociable, persistent in achieving the objective, intellectual, diplomatically women, successfully managing company, often consisting of male staff.

In 40 of the situation was the opposite: the Chiefs with apprehension employment of women, because it was believed that her natural instincts – Maudlin, sensitivity, the need flirting – adversely affect the working process. Analysis of two portraits of women XX and XXI century showed: in decades, the status of women in the working group is approaching matriarchal.

Little guidance for the Chiefs when taking a woman to work Transportation magazine published in July 1943, writes The Times. The authors gave head-men, who during the Second World War had to take on the work of women, 11 tips on how to “achieve greater efficiency from the women.”
A woman  is married
1. A woman should be married. Leaders of the middle of last century should have been collated by young married women. Usually they are more responsible than unmarried, and less chance that they will be with someone flirtovat. They obviously need the work, otherwise they would not have to seek it. They simultaneously interested and to actively work, and to cooperate effectively with others.

2. Older women nicety. Drawing on the work of older women, try to find those who ever worked in the life outside the home. Older women have never had affairs with the public, poorly adapted, sometimes evil and fastidiousness. In communion with the ladies produced the impression you depends largely on friendly and courtesy.

3. Women should be in the body. In general, experience shows that “strong” girls – those who weighs little more than normal – more balanced and work more effectively than their artistic friend.

4. Observation of a doctor is required. All women, whom you hire to work, must examine the doctor. This will not only protect your business from possible lawsuits, but would understand if there are any potential staff member at any women’s weaknesses, most of which she is not physically or mentally suitable for this work.

5. Give her schedule. Emphasize that it is important to do all the time: lost here and there-minute schedule another significant harm. As long as you do not notice it specifically, it is likely that work will buksovat.
A woman   without instinct
6. Women without instinct. They need a plan. Give a clear timetable Affairs staff member on the day that she was class all the time and did not have to worry every few minutes heads, requesting instructions. According to the experience of many companies, women coping with an excellent work, if a plan to provide, but they lack the initiative to find work themselves.

7. A woman needed a change. If possible, let staff member during the day to switch from one job to another. Typically, women with less concern and even gladly accept change.
A woman  need time
8. A woman needed time at the mirror. Give every girl requisite number of breaks for rest during the day. It should do a discount on women’s psychology. She feels more confident and works more efficiently if it is possible several times a day in order to bring hair, lipstick and take wash their hands.

9.A woman Maudlin. Be tactful, giving instructions or criticizing staff. Often women are different sensitivities. They can not skip past the ears grave expression, as do men. Never laugh over a woman – it would undermine its morale and drastically reduce efficiency.

10. Woman don't know many languages not make harsh language. Avoid using strong expressions of women in society. Even if the husband or father of the girl swearing loudly, it will be unpleasant place or work, where she hears too many curse word.
Dress ia a Woman
11.Study dress is a women. We have working uniforms of all sizes required that each girl received clothing on the figure. It was difficult to overemphasize how important this point that women were satisfied.

Tips for women XXI Century

A  woman is 21 century
Women XXI century gives other tips, how to achieve success in business while remaining truly representative wonderful sex. “A few simple tips will help women succeed in business with no change in its top female,” – says the publication on the internet website for those who want to be successful in business. “For some 100 years, women have made what were denied throughout the patriarchal history: the right to education, electoral and civil rights, the right to… enumeration would take too much space.”
A woman in the busines
1. Increase use so that you – a woman. A woman should not lead to demonstrate increased efficiency and stubbornness, the more that business – is not a harvester and do not forget, not success comes to those who work more and to those who work better. Use what you are a woman.

The absence of excessive ambition (that freydisty called “high
compensation”), the ability to communicate and gain sympathy, flexibility and the most “female diplomacy”, which is not known to all firsthand exemplary husbands – that’s what a female leader is stronger than any man.
I like  her work
2. Do not attempt to work as a man. Work as a woman. The fight for the right of women to work as a man started so long ago that the stories were only major milestones: the first woman scientist, businessman, politician, astronaut. In Soviet Russia gained emancipation painful manifestations such as a woman miner, road worker, kombayner etc. In doing so, everyone knows that physical strength and endurance weaker sex slightly less than strong. No need to compete with men in areas where they obviously stronger, not to prove that you can “all the same, even better.”
Office roman
3. Your appearance – not an excuse for discrimination, and competitive advantage. In no case manager-a woman should not take the example of heroine movie “Office romance” (before its wonderful transfiguration). Generally, women are not all male habits and inattention to its exterior is not even the men themselves. In short, not worth copying traditional male corporate style of dress or conduct. Excessive originality in the toilets, of course, also not welcome, but let you take better for frivolous or secretary praktikantku than female Commissioner of Soviet cinema.

As with all other women, for women-head of its appearance – tools, weapons, which, incidentally, deprived of virtually all-male leaders. So, it is not mask, but rather – to use all rules of competition. Think of how many customers prefer to deal with the attractive woman, choosing between it and the leader of a male, other things being equal.
Kiss my  ass!!))
4. Emotional in the work – lack. It is known that women are often more emotional than men. To head this – lack. However, ambition, pride and desire for aggressive domination inherent in most men, completely levelling chances. For women managers tend to take emotional decision, it is important to remember such a feature and never rush, especially if there is no turning back, and this is not a malpractice incoming cleaners, and major contracts.
Sex employees
5. Sex employees not to take into account. A female supervisor should scrupulously avoid any “palace” in formations near its surroundings. No “first freylin” and “confidante”. Confer with specialists rather than with men or women. Besides, if you need a Women’s Council, you will be able to imagine his own.
A woman is an intresting company
6.Interes company – above all. Often women experience some difficulty in communicating with specialists-men working under their supervision. Especially if a woman leader is primarily marketing and management issues, while men – chiefs of divisions, departments, etc. – solve technical issues or production.

Deserve respect, forcing staff to treat yourself as if you were a man, in such a situation should not become the main objective. Main perform tasks that puts business in front of you – will not pass and a pair of months, as all employees will understand how you are performing as a boss. A very unpleasant situation may evolve in a different case: you threw all its forces to the approval authorities, and nobody will manage the business.
My love a family
7. Between family and business need to find a middle ground. For most women managers is inevitable choice. For some women, children and the family is no less important, but rather, even more important than business. The only board that can give a woman who is forced to choose between work and family, the choice will be invariant. That is between A and B need to choose S. Try to outwit the situation, while remaining a charming woman, wonderful mother, wonderful wife and successful professional leader.

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