Suit: 3-pieces set made of the same fabric.
Collar: part of the clothing that surrounds the neck.
Lapel: folded up part of the collar falling on the chest.
Waistcoat: sleeveless clothing worn on top of the shirt.
Watch-pocket: pocket on the waistcoat at the waist level.
Sleeve button: decorative button on the sleeve.
Trousers: brief provided with two long legs.
Front panel: vertical piece on the front.
Flap pocket: pocket provided with a lapel.
Sleeve: clothing part which surrounds the arm.
Necktie: fabric band worn around the neck and attaching in front.
Jacket: vest provided with long sleeves and arriving below the hips.


Dress: clothing provided with a blouse and a skirt.
Strap: fabric bands passing on the shoulders.
Bodice: clothing which dresses the higher part of the chest.
Peplum: skirt provided with a yoke covering the hips.
Flounce: light fabric band forming free pleats.
Skirt: clothing going downwards from the waist.
Waist line: shrinking being located between the bottom of the chest and the hips.

Women's underwear

Women’s underwear (2 of 2): undergarment being worn directly on the skin and designed for women.
Bra: undergarment being used to support the breast.
Decollete bra: bra whose cups are prolonged in straps.
Push-up bra: bra which lets see the top of the breast.
Garter belt: fabric undergarment which is used to attach stocking.
Bikini: high-cut brief with low waist.
Girdle: extensible undergarment being used to outline the hips and the waist.
Briefs: undergarment worn on the bottom of the body having two openings for the legs.
Strapless brassiere: fitted ad low cut bodice without straps.


Sweaters: Sport sweaters with long sleeves.
Bateau neckline: pullover whose neckline finishes in points on the shoulders
V-necked pull: pullover with a scoop neckline which forms a ‘V’.
Crew neck sweater: neckline arrving at the base of the neck.
Turtleneck: flexible high collar folded up on itself.
Cardigan: pullover being buttoned on the front and ribbed at the waist and at the wrists.
V-necked cardigan: pullover made of wool.
Slipover: sleeveless pullover ribbed at the waist.
Knit shirt: pullover with a polo slash on the front.


Skirts (1 of 3): clothing going downwards from the waist.
Straight skirt: skirt which has a straight cut.
A-line skirt: skirt widening downwards.
Box pleated skirt: skirt widening downwards and provided with pleats.
Fly skirt: skirt with an opening.
Sheath: fitted skirt.
Fix bos pleat skirt: fabric part folded up so that the edges of the foldings meet and form a hollow.
8 panel skirt: skirt provided with 8 panels of fabric.
4 panel skirt: skirt provided with 4 panels of fabric.
6 panel skirt: skirt provided with 6 panels of fabric.
Fall skirt: skirt provided with a hunging piece.


Neckties: fabric band worn around the neck and attaching in front.
Tie bar: jewel being used to fix the tie to the shirt.
Collar post: small bar being used to fix the tie at the collar.

Bride and groom

Bride and groom: spouse.
Head piece: jewel or ornament worn on the head.
Veil: large and very light piece of fabric.
Lace: piece of fabric embroidered.
Princess waist line: clothing whose waist is adjusted between the ribs and the hips.
Bunch: set of cut flowers attached with ribbons.
Ribbon: narrow fabric band.
Crinoline: starched and rigid fabric worn under the skirt to give it volume.
Tail: suit worn for ceremony.
French cuff: starched wrist at the end of the sleeve.
White glove: white vestimentary accessory inside which the hand is slipped and which protects the fingers separately.
High silk hat: silk hat provided with a high cylinder.
Plastron: starched front part of a dress shirt.
White bow tie: tie tied in order to look like a butterfly.
Standing collar: starched collar so it is rigid.


Stocking: clothing being worn on the foot.
Stocking with garter: sock enough long to be retained with garters.
Golf hose: sock arriving below the knee.
Thigh-high stocking: sock arriving above the knee.
Half-hose: sock arriving at mid thigh.
Sock: sock arriving just above the ankle.
Ankle sock: sock arriving at the ankle.

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