Father Poem

Father Poem

A father talks of the love and awesome responsibility he feels for his child.

For My Little One

© Bill E. Bailey
Lucky I am to have a child so loving and sweet.
Beautiful in every way, from your cute little nose down to you pudgy feet.
Unaware of you when mommy and I met.
Daily I thank God and forever will be in his debt.
Always curious and wanting to be older.
Striving to be taller never any shorter.
There is much fear while you’re under my protection.
Always a new adventure for you with little direction.
Whole hearted I vow to you today. I will always give you my love in the best way I know.
The whole time terrified but never letting my fear show.
Solid as stone for you I’ll be.
That way happiness is all you see.
A time will come when youth fades and from my arms you’ll part.
I may keep our memories in my mind but our love I keep stored safely in the center of my heart.

Source: For My Little One, Father Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/for-my-little-one#ixzz2bC11brxQ
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