Cecelia Webber takes photos of nude models and spends up to a year editing them together on her computer to create extraordinary collages.
Here: a hummingbird
After photographing a series of models in various poses, Cecelia digitally cuts, rotates and colours their bodies and limbs to create a finished image.
A Monarch butterfly
To get the perfect angle for the illusions, she may reshoot her initial photo over 100 times – otherwise the illusion will be broken.
The final creations are made up of different models, each of whom was photographed in a single pose.
A cardinal
She works at such a high resolution that her artwork can be printed up to 6ft tall, showcasing all the intricate details in her images.
A Cerulean butterfly
A custom commissioned piece of Cecelia’s work starts at £3,100
A pair of lovebirds
Cecelia chooses her models from everyday people and refuses to edit them by changing their features.
A peacock
To capture the right angles she will stand on the top of tables, over railings on higher floors or balance her camera in precarious places.
A Fuchsia butterfly
She lights the models with natural daylight but, on occasions when she’s photographing herself for the illusions, she’ll run back and forth with the camera on timer.
‘Reach’, a caterpillar
Cecelia said: “I have to imagine the angles involved and position myself in front of the camera without actually seeing how I look through the lens, which is quite challenging.
A chrysalis and butterfly

“Often during a photo shoot I see something that catches my eye and provokes me to produce an entirely new piece of work,” says the artist. “Usually, I get my inspiration from observing nature. I spent a great deal of time outdoors as a child, and I was fascinated by living things.”
A butterfly
“I used to climb trees and look closely at leaves and flowers, and I always loved animals of all sizes. My nickname is actually bird.” confided Cecelia
A caterpillar
“By highlighting our connection to nature, I hope to get people to recognise humanity’s responsibility and our deep connection to the natural world,” Cecelia explained.
An owl
Cecelia Webber passionately supports green business, local agriculture, and alternative energy research
A night owl

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