Snake Temple
There is in Malaysia on the island of Penang, a place as the Temple of Snakes. Here live the most dangerous species of snakes – rattlesnakes. The temple is infested by them: on the floor, in corners, even on the altar. Here they are gods, they had to bow to the faithful.

1. In the Snake Temple in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, has a place and 
people, and one of the most dangerous creatures on earth – the snakes. 
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2. Located at Sungai Kluang, on the island of Penang, Snake Temple is 
also known as Temple of Azure Clouds, or the Temple of pure clouds – 
in honor of the clear sky Penang.
3. In this temple, home to rattlesnakes, which the locals believe the servants
 Chor Soo Kong and deities.
4) Legend of the development of the temple says that he is standing there
 an ulterior motive, the legend, by the way, you can watch movies online at
 specialized sites. Earlier, before the advent of the holy palace here, on this 
place was a lonely hermit shack believer, who was always happy to 
see the snakes in his house.

5. And they did not refuse his hospitality and often crawled here, many lived

 permanently here. When the hermit had died, and the shack collapsed, 
and the snakes are gone from these lands, and when he was elevated to an elegant
 temple, they began to consider themselves in one piece with a 
sacred institution.

6. Thousands of believers come to the Temple of snakes in Penang every year.

7. Someone said that this act of Chor Soo Kong, others believe that

 rattlesnakes – one of the most aggressive species of snakes – calm down under
 the influence of smoke from smoking.

8. Unfortunately, the number of snakes in the temple fell sharply due to

 the urbanization of the area.

9. However, do not worry. Most of the guests of the temple (ie, snakes) poisonous 

glands removed, so that they can embrace and even photographed.

10. Scientists still can not explain the fact that on certain days in the temple,

 slides a huge number of snakes. On ordinary days in the temple can be 
seen only a few snakes, which mainly lie in the dark corners and do not stir.


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