Top 10 Winter Drinks



1] Hot chocolate :
When i think about winter, the first few things that pop in my mind are : Breezy frosty winds, warm snugly sweaters, christmas and HOT CHOCOLATE!
Winter calls for a comfortable mug full of hot chocolate topped with some marshmallows enjoyed with your loved ones sharing one thick blanket infront of a bonfire or the furnace !

There exist quite a few variations of hot chocolate, since oranges are very much in season, orange cinnamon hot chocolate is delectable drink to be enjoyed in this chilly weather! A dash of cinnamon and some orange rind in some thick dark hot chocolate will definitely taste delish.


Spiced hot chocolate is another rather famous variant of hot chocolate, where in a bunch of ground spices such as cinnamon,cloves,cordamom, star aniseeds and some cayenne pepper is added into the thick hot chocolate liquid which comprises of creme fraich and dark cooking chocolate with some full fat milk to make it taste richer!



A spoon or two of rum would just add to the lavish taste of the drink.


2] Hot Toddy :

Also known as Hot totty is a delicious drink prepared by mixing Whiskey, water , lemon , honey or some sugar and spices which is all together boiled in a sauce pan and served steaming hot.


You may add spices such as cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon and some ginger.

When you’re feeling awfully cold and even snuggling beneath your warm blanket wearing all sorts of woolen clothes isn’t helping you, getting warm a glass of hot toddy will instantly warm you up and make you feel amazing!


3]  Chai Latte :

As all of you may know of this one here, the chai latte or masala chai is one glorious winter drink amongst Indians which brings instant heat in the body because of the various spices added to it while brewing the tea.The process is elementary and you could serve it incase some unexpected guests turn up at your door.


You pour boiling water on a mixture of spices (ginger, a few peppercorns, a drop or two of fresh vanilla extract, a small cinnamon stick and a few cardamom cloves) and brew some black tea in it and leave it covered for a while then strain it and add some hot milk in and serve it with a dollop of whipped cream on the top to give it the ‘latte’ look!


4]  Hot Milk Punch :

If you love milk but you are quite bored of the same old warm milk you drink you might want to try this traditional winter drink out!

Hot milk punch is a drink which is a milk based brandy or bourbon beverage, it is served cold but the liqour added to it is what spreads warmth throughout your body!

You simply add all these ingredients along with some sugar or honey and some vanilla extract in a vessel and blend it smooth and frothy with some nutmeg dust sprinkled on top of it.


5] Masala Doodh/ Indian Spiced Milk :

One of the tastiest and oldest recipes , Masala Doodh or Indian Spiced Milk has been keeping indians warm for centuries together! It is a rich beverage made with hot full fat milk which has a brilliant combination of spices which are coursely ground such as Nutmeg and cardamon.


It also contains finely cut dry fruits such has chiraunji/charoli nuts, pistachios, almonds and a few cashews too! A sugary glass full of this garnished with some wonderful saffron will definitely bring some joy and warmth to your growling tummy in this blistering cold!

Masala doodh is a famous preparation frequently had in winter most commonly in the chilly northern belt of india!


6]  Cafè Barbados :

What is winter without a mug full of coffee? For those caffiene addicts out there like me, this is an ideal option to bring in some heat. Although instead of having our ordinary humdrum cafe noir or cafe au lait, adding a few drops of warmth spreading goodness would just do wonders!

Cafe barbados is a bevarage which’ll slowly spread warmth through your chest and make you feel rather cozy.



This brew here consists of dark rum, coffee liquer and black coffee which is then topped with some freshlywhipped cream and some chocolate swirls.


7]  Hot Apple Cider :

Apples are a fantastic source of Vitamin C and apple juice or cider is a fairly popular drink among the population worldwide. Drinking cold apple juice or cider in winter becomes rather challenging due to the brisk wintry weather, but for those who just cannot resist the taste of apples even in this tought weather, here’s a rather well-known beverage for you! Hot apple cider!


You need to follow some extremely short and easy steps to prepare it.


All you need to do is , simmer apple cider with mulling spices, orange zest, and ginger to make a drink that smells as good as it tastes!


8]  Mulled Wine :

Consider yourself to be a oenophile or a wine connoisseur? Then you ought to love this beverage if you literally wish to spice things up a little!


Mulled wine is a fine melange usually prepared with red wine ( preferably port or claret) along with water, assorted spices, orange rind and some sugar.

This drink is traditionally had during christmas or halloween.

It is indeed an ideal drink to prepare incase some unexpected guests turn up since it’s made in a jiffy!


9]  Eggnogg :

For those who cannot resist creamy cocktails, Eggnog is the one for them!

Eggnog, which is also known as Egg Milk Punch is a mixture of some milk, creme fraiche, sugar and thoroughly whisked eggs which when combined give it a creamy and rich texture!
It usually contains a combination of liquers or individually Dark Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Bourbon or Brandy. If the concoction is whisked thoroughly with a tinge of vanilla extract in it, the mixture will indeed taste and smell delicious!


The addition of liqour slowly cooks the eggs in it and small sips of it would spread warmth throughout your body!
If you are a thorough ‘eggetarian’ you will definitely love this cocktail. Eggnog is usually sprinkled with coursely ground cinnamon and sometimes nutmeg!


10]  Chocolate Martini :

For all those choco-alcoholics out there, this cocktail here should be your soul mate!

Chocolate liquer (preferably Godiva’s) mixed with some delicious chocolate vodka and light cream is all you need to prepare a sensuous chocolate martini!

If you plan to call over your date at home this christmas, make it a point to include this in your menu in order to impress him/her!

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