Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6

سمفونية Tchaikovsky السادسة والنهائية تسمّي الخزن، لأنها مملوءة بالتأسي من البداية حتّى النّهاية. تدوم المقدمة البطيئة أكثر من دقيقتان، ويصعد التوتّر ببطئ حتى تنفجر الأوركسترا مع إستعراض موسيقي عسكري نحاسي مزعج. الصخب يرتفع ويسقط وينحسر في النهاية؛ النهاية،بدلا من أن تكون الخاتمة المثيرة العادية، بطيئة وهادئة، تخلّف عن ذلك بشكل تدريجي إلى لا شيء فلا واحد تقريبا يستطيع ان يخبر متى تتوقّف الموسيقى .


For food to have a taste, it must be dissolved in water.
There are four basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter:

Like a piece of cake Like a lemon Like, well, salt! Like a cup of bad coffee
All other tastes come from a combination of these four basic tastes. Actually, a fifth basic taste called “Umami” has recently been discovered. Umami is a taste that occurs when foods with glutamate (like MSG) are eaten. Different parts of the tongue can detect all types of tastes. Morever, the simple tongue “taste map” that is found in many textbooks has been


The history of Merck

historical photos
Information at a glance:
  • Data on the history of the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world
  • The name Merck
  • Possibilities for research and communication at Corporate History
If you’d like to find out more, please use the interactive application “A voyage through Merck’s history”.


1668 Friedrich Jacob Merck acquires the Angel Pharmacy (“Engel-Apotheke”)
1741 Johann Heinrich Merck, Goethe’s friend, is born
1827 Heinrich Emanuel Merck: from a pharmacy trade to a research-based industrial company
1888 Comparative chemical analysis with “Merck’s guaranteed pure reagents”
1900 Merck is represented on all continents
1904 First list of finished medicinal products; Substances with liquid crystalline properties available
1917 U.S. subsidiary Merck & Co. expropriated – independent ever since
1920 For the first time, non-family members join the executive management
1945 Loss of subsidiaries abroad, new start from the ruins
1971 Firm re-establishement in the United States – after Asia and Latin America
1995 Establishment of Merck KGaA, public listing
2003 Erbitux®: Entry into targeted cancer therapy
2007 Serono acquisition, divestment of Generics, capital increase, admission to the DAX®
2010 Millipore acquisition